Go now to personalized money

The personalization of some parcels of your money is very easy to do.

First you shift 10€uros = 1 OW with your-better-time (OT) of your created live-savings.

Your Owned Timestock is the base for your webcashmatic plusvalues production and the space to receive daily shared cash results.


Is Nokia looking for : i-do-mark-my-money in 4G3W ?

The new Tech allows to datevalue the money on-line4G3W-owner.

In the near future "You-do-mark-your-money" and "I-do-mark-my-money", b-cause is the biggest utility for your economic live.

But first of all, the matter is on the hands of the Central Banks Worldwide.

As soon as possible, the new webcashmotor to push individual savings is there under some rights reserved at the conception.

Nokia is a big nature. Connecting people, without money on the screen ? I dont believe it !

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The 4th economic gesture for automatic plusvalues over the cash.

Silicon is good for up coming 4G3W cashscrens . Even at Santa Clara and at San Jose.


Nuevo motor para el ahorro

Las Cajas de Ahorro y los Bancos no trabajam para juntar, al ahorro ciertos factores de produción que puedan personalizar el dinero de cada uno de sus clientes.

Una libreta de ahorro con 1000€ ahorrados en el 2003 no tiene más valor que una libreta de ahorro con 1000€ ahorrados en 2006. El capital es el mismo. No hubo plusvalia. Hubo 1 rendimiento calculado con la tassa de interés y punto.

Datavalorizar seria la solución para llevar la gente a ahorrar de nuevo. Personalizando el dinero con algunos de los factores de produción disponibles en la Web y en la nueva Economia 4G3W.blog search directory BlogBloke.com:

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons GNU General Public License License.


Live Mail as a new factor for the e-money in 4G3W

If Live Mail is starting with a new window for the personal work over "my e-money", for a new utility : "I-do-mark-my-money" by mobile, nobody knows. But the idea would complete Live Mail, by increasing performance to roll the cash over plusvalues as we see in the Economy 4G3W.

It would be fantastic for any person to get Live e-Money as a part of Live Mail, and perform automatic production factors over active savings.
You can now ask Windows Live Mail for one operative money window.